Helping Hands Book 1


For Junior and Senior Infants, by Audrey Meredith LGSM (for DOWNLOAD)

Introduces improvisation and how it can work with 4 – 6 year old children. The book is packed with rhymes, simple poems, finger puppet exercises and so on, all on a fantasy theme.

The Beautiful Witch or Powerful Wizard
Making up an Original Story
Making a Play from a Nursery Rhyme
Making a Play from a Nursery Rhyme 2
Lots of Nursery Rhymes
Off in the Train to Nursery Land
Tableaux Vivantes
The Toys Come to Life
Story Telling
Do This: Do That
Correcting Basic Speech Faults
Learning Verse
I am the Beautiful Witch: further working
Making up Stories: Leafy the Elf
Movement: walking in the snow, etc
Chicken Licken: a dramatisation
Meeting and Greeting
The Toymaker’s Shop: toys come to life
Run Rabbit Run
Lions and Tigers
Rainbow Folk: a play with song and colour
Hand Jive
Nursery Rhyme Cards
The Fairies and the Witch: a play to act
Group Improvisations: how to do them
I am a Mole: a simple story to read and act out


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